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  1. I loved this! I am too nervous about crowds right now for several reasons. I have really missed live music though. So to be able to ‘go out’ like this with friends located all over the country was an awesome evening out, while staying in. Please let’s do it again. He doesn’t even need to put out a tip jar. I would gladly purchase a ticket to settle in, in my pajamas with my beverage of choice. Super awesome event, production, sound was good, set was great. Many thanks to all who work so hard to make stuff like this possible. I especially liked his little 4 legged back up singer wandering through the performance.

  2. Fun Zoom VGTG last Thursday. So glad we now have this site. Purchased some items from the Merch section. A few hiccups at first, however Carey Jo worked her magic & got everything working. Can’t wait to get my new items.

  3. I am so glad y’all have a website I can come to.
    We had so much fun at the Riveted Rendezvous we are dying to get to another Fox gathering! Right now, we are in Nebraska for a week then South Dakota and then we are headed towards Idaho, jump into Canada for a family visit and down the left Coast of the US. We are wandering fools! Love ya! Zan and Debby